Antifreeze & Coolant

When winter sets in you will want to consider investing in some antifreeze, trust us! Antifreeze lowers the freezing point of water in your vehicle, meaning you can be sure that nothing gets damaged when temperatures drop below 0.

It can also be used to raise the boiling point of engine coolant ensuring that your car doesn’t over heat. This prevent your car’s engine from corroding!

We have a wide array of antifreezes, from the coolant variety to concentrate. We also stock both Red and Blue antifreezes. As always, if you need assistance, get in touch and we will gladly help!

We stock brands such as Bluecol and AutoCare.

Our screenwash ensure that your windshield gets a good rinse and scrub when it needs it. We stock both ready-mixed and concentrate from brands such as Carplan and Granville.