Air Conditioning Maintenance

We get it, it’s been a while since you used the AC and you can tell that something isn’t quite right. Is your car not cooling down as fast as it used to, or not even at all? Fear not because we stock air conditioning maintenance products to solve your problem. It is quite possible that over the winter months leaks and cracks have formed in your AC releasing that essential refrigerant that keeps your AC working.

On average car AC’s lose 10% of refrigerant per year, so it is important that you top up every summer, to avoid turning your car into a sauna. Check out our Air Conditioning refrigerants and extension hose.

We also stock air conditioning cleaning products that will kill bacteria and remove dust and grime. This ensures that your driving experience remains cool, clean and comfortable.

We stock brands such as EZ Chill and Silver Hook.

Any queries, please send them our way!

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